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October 20th, 2003

09:38 pm - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
hey guys! oh my gosh amy got a NEW CAR! man i like my truck! you know blue dodge 4x4 it is nice! but man hers is GRREAT! there is so much room and stuff! hey amy maybe you should give ephram a ride home every now and agin! Dude i am so glad you passed your test! Now i think that you should talk to daddy and get you a *cough* ford f-350 *cough* red! just to let you know what i think! amy i am so glad that you are starting to get happy! who knows that car might do you some good. how was that thing with ephrem? yes dudes you cought me i hang out with him. he is like funny! i think he is way funny even when he tells jokes i get. mmm the cloths joke. yah i just got that. we went to this blind dudes wedding today! I danced with delia and her friends! she is a dang good dancer! for a little girl! that dude was way nice to! mm. well we also had our hope thing a church. it wasnt really hope though. It was more like him asking us to pray. well yah! oh by the way! AMY the mm joke about football yah not cool! so i am glad we called a truths and you talked to me for once in how many months???? well i have got to go! I'm meeting ephrem to go chill later!


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October 13th, 2003

09:39 pm - hello!
oh my goodness! I dont think in the abbott house we have every eaten a naormal meal or one that i have been sent to my room! MAN i just asked if i could eat amys food! dose mom not know that there are hungry kids in africa? [privet] i do think that dad should put amy on meds! [/privet] they were haveing a big fight over if amy should be on meds! well lets just say I hope that she never freaks out like she did at school ever agin! I never knew that she was seeing someone at school for help! MAN! OH yes we can say that i am smart now! I now know that everwood has a liebeary! haha! now i know when amy said that was were she was going she was for real! sorry sis! I all ways thought you and colin went and hung out! well i hear that brown is starting to get along with the sitter! to bad he isnt old enough to take care of him self! haha! that was a joke dude! well yah back to that whole homework thing MAN! I have tons! it is like when ever i write in this journal i have tons! so yah i have to jet! i might have a hot date this weekend with gem! later!

Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: creed

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03:30 pm - hey!
ahhh! I have no clue what i did! I was over at the browns today and sam told me to post that so if it didnt make any sense then that is why! his mom dosent let him on the computer all that often! so will you guys please do that for him!! and add me to?! thanks a ton! well that would also explain sam/bright! just want to be clear! the last time i wasnt all that clear and amy bite my head off! soo there! later dudes !

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03:27 pm
guys please put big_bro_bright and lil_sammie to your friends list thanks!

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October 8th, 2003

03:15 pm - hey
hey guys and gals whats up? well dude sorry it has been so long for me to write! DUDE I have had a long summer. I think that amys was worse by far! well alot of stuff has happened! LIKE amy last weekend went out with a loser! AND not to minchen the party that i not going say anything to mom or dad about as long as she doesnt do it agin! OH YAH not to minchen cloin died! I wonder what it is like being dead? but anyways! I also got kicked off the football team! because of STUPID MATH! AHHHHHH! ANYWAYS my aunt is back in town and it is so good to see her! my dad called me DUMB! not to say anything that bad! well i got math to do so later! gem YOUR HOT!


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